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CARP DFS Fireworks Stand Fundraiser

The Clovis Amateur Radio Piioneers (CARP) is an amateur radio club based in Clovis, California.Our mission is to educate and train proficient amateur radio operators to further amateur radio as well as to education and help support the community. 

We provide educational training at monthly meetings as well as radio communications support for local walk/runs and bicycle events.

CARP is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization whose funds are primarily raised with the annual DFS Fireworks Stand Fundraiser held from June 28th through July 5th. Funds raised will help support the organization's goals as well as to help maintain and expand our communications systems.



Stand Hours

Date Day Open Close  
 6/28/2024  Fri   12pm  10pm  
 6/29/2024  Sat  9am  10pm  
 6/30/2024 Sun  9am  10pm  
 7/1/2024 Mon  9am  10pm  
 7/2/2024  Tue  9am  10pm  Block Party 7p-10p
 7/3/2024  Wed  9am  10pm  
 7/4/2024  Thu  9am  10pm  
 7/5/2024  Fri  9am 12noon  

Stand Location