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POTA - Parks on the Air

By Harvey Hopper KM6YFD
Posted: 2023-10-25T04:26:44Z

On October 21st, I set up at Millerton and played some Parks On The Air. I used and EFHW (40-20-15-10), along with a Wolf River Coil, and a 40M dipole in an NVIS (Near Vertical Incidence Skywave). Supposedly the idea of NVIS is for short distance HF communications. The takeoff angle of the NVIS antenna tends to be a higher takeoff and can therefore work well in valleys going over nearby hills to the other side. This should also help me hit into my skip zones and hopefully make contact with Alcatraz on December 1st.

When I was operating this 40m dipole in the NVIS configuration, my antenna was 6 feet off the ground, supported by wooden posts. I was able to make contacts in Three Rivers, Lemoore, Pleasanton, Nevada (which has been in my skip zone), Arizona, and Idaho. I realize that Arizona, Nevada, and Idaho, aren't that close, but I felt really good about getting Three Rivers, Lemoore, Pleasanton, and Nevada. I still need Nevada for hunting for my Worked All States certificate.

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