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Results of CARP T-Hunt 10/28/2023
By Gray Bickford WA6BJY
Posted: 2023-11-03T21:17:34Z

The  transmitter was hidden in an open field just east of Clovis Community College.  Directions given by Ken, WA6OIB, to the hunters was that when the transmitter was found, a code word located with the transmitter was to be given to Ken’s grandson Eli, KN6FZH, to indicate that the transmitter had been located. 

Results as follows:

1st   50min  Harvey KM6YFD

2nd  70min  Gray WA6BJY

3td   85min  Guy  KN6WET

4th   95min  John KN6VDG & Bernice KN6VDH


Harvey will hide the transmitter for the next hunt scheduled for December 9th