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CARP Fireworks Stand Fundraiser 2012

CARP Fireworks Stand Fundraiser

The CARP Fireworks Stand is coming soon. The stand will be open from June 28 through July 4, 2012.

This is CARPs major fundraiser which allows us to maintain and upgrade the repeater system, pay for meeting location rental, insurance and provide the summer and Christmas parties. The more volunteers we get to help with the stand helps make things run easier.

The tentative schedule is:

  • Thu June 28 – 1200-2000
  • Fri June 29 – 1200-2200
  • Sat June 30 – 0800-2200
  • Sun July 1 – 1000-2000
  • Mon July 2 – 1200-2000
  • Tue July 3 – 1200-2000
  • Wed July 4 – 0800-2400

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CARP Net Transmitter Hunts

CARP Net Transmitter Hunts Begin May 24

The CARP Net Transmitter Hunts will be held the 4th Thursday of each month at 7:00pm. These hunts will be short and quick. These hunts will be presented in addition to our Saturday hunts. The fox for the Net hunts will be the net control station for the CARP Net.

The hunt begins promptly at 7:00pm at the start of the CARP net. The hunt frequency is the CARP 2-meter repeater input (147.075Mhz). Hunters will have only the duration of the net to find the fox. These hunts will help hone your T-hunting skills.

Using the repeater input hunters will have to differentiate between the fox (CARP net control station) and other stations that may be checking into the net. Typically nets run 30 minutes and the net control operator will be within 1 mile of the start point, Letterman Park. Hunters may start from a location other than the start point, but will be placed in the unlimited category.

These should be quick and fun hunts. See you hunters out there!

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